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In Sentry Media & Entertainment, our vision is to advance the collective conversation toward justice and equality; and our mission is to make investments in, and to provide services to, socially conscious small or growth-stage media companies to catalyze their growth.

— Division Overview

In Sentry Media & Entertainment, we provide capital and services to smaller media companies that align with our coordinated multimedia strategy and prosocial ethos. We remain active partners throughout the life of the relationship, offering strategic and operational assistance in addition to capital. Our total investment in each company depends on many factors, such as the experience 

of the management team, the caliber of the business plan, and the potential synergy with other Sentry portfolio companies. We typically invest sufficient resources to obtain a significant minority interest, a majority stake, or even 100% ownership.

— Who We Are

Sentry Financial is a commercial financial services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with more than three decades of history and over $3.2 billion in transactions to date. Company-wide, many members of our team have educational and professional backgrounds as JDs, MBAs, and CPAs who design and analyze deal structures and finance programs tailored to the needs of our customers.

In the Media & Entertainment division, Sentry’s team is comprised of “creative suits” who bridge the gap between art and business, forging an optimal balance between the imaginative and financial forces within the industry. We’re pleased to meet you.

— What We Do

Sentry invests in small companies and large projects that have a meaningful impact on society (see why we invest in media). We currently focus on the film, TV, digital video, music, and live events verticals.

A Beautiful Perspective

A large-scale festival and conference management and media platform company founded by Rehan Choudhry (founder, Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas).

Rigby Road Studios

A full-service, state-of-the-art recording studio just minutes from Downtown Salt Lake City founded by musician/producer Joel Pack.


A next-generation, integrated media development and production startup that operates across multiple media verticals founded by Jared Ruga (President, Sentry Media & Entertainment).

As Sentry invests in media companies, and not in specific media projects, we do not accept unsolicited pitches for film, TV, digital, or music projects.

Occasionally, we do partner with funds and other collaborators to make investments in growth stage media companies. If you have a revenue-stage or later media company with a unique idea or competitive advantage, please be in touch.

— How We Do It

Our strategy is guided by mutuality and rigorous due diligence—we strive for win-win arrangements that make good business sense. Sentry typically will make a meaningful investment with our own capital, and then team up with members of our consortium of funding partners (which includes both institutional and non-institutional sources) to satisfy the balance of capital requirements. We remain active partners throughout the life of the investment, offering strategic guidance, management assistance, and even some administrative functions (e.g., accounting and legal).

— Why We Do It

The entertainment media comprise our common cultural currency. They frame our relationships, our conversations, and in many cases our own self-perceptions. And we’re obsessed with them: today, average Americans spend more time watching TV and surfing the web than socially interacting—authentically (in person)—with friends and family.

The messages embedded in media properties can be prosocial, neutral, or antisocial. Put another way, the media we consume can inspire and reinforce positive, collaborative, sustainable ideas and behaviors. They can be largely neutral and fail to move the needle at all. Or—at their worst—they can instigate conflict, oppression, and violence against us, others, or the planet. As adherents to the Conscious Capitalism philosophy, we only engage with companies that proffer a net benefit to society.

— Who Does It

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited pitches of any kind from unfamiliar third parties.


If you’d like to learn more about us, please reach out.

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